USB-C & Thunderbolt™ 3
Make the Transition Easy

A Single Port. A Universe of Possibilities. Enhance your productivity with our wide selection of IT grade, certified Thunderbolt™ 3 and USB-C adapters and cables to cover all your connectivity needs.

CDP2HDVGA - USB-C to VGA and HDMI Adapter, 2-in-1, 4K 30Hz, Space Grey

Connect your USB-C laptop to an HDMI or VGA display, using this portable adapter.

CDP2HD - USB-C to HDMI Adapter with 4K 30Hz - Black

Connect your USB-C equipped MacBook, Chromebook or Windows laptop to an HDMI display or projector.

CDP2DP - USB-C to DisplayPort™ Adapter, 4K 60Hz

Connect your laptop with USB Type-C to a DisplayPort™ monitor or screen.

DK30CH2DPPD - Triple Monitor 4K USB-C Dock with 5x USB3.0 Ports

Create an Ultra HD workstation with four displays, by adding three external 4K monitors to your laptop through USB Type-C (5Gbps), plus power and charge your laptop.

MST30C2HHPD - Dual-Monitor USB-C Dock for Windows, 5x USB3.0 Ports

This Dual Monitor USB-C Dock turns your Windows USB-C laptop into a full-scale workstation, connecting to two HDMI monitors or two DVI monitors using the included adapters.

TB3DKM2DP - Dual 4K Monitor Mini Thunderbolt™ 3 Dock with DisplayPort™

Connect your Windows or MacBook laptop to dual 4K DisplayPort™ displays, Gigabit Ethernet and a USB 3.0 (Type-A) port, using this bus-powered Thunderbolt™ 3 dock.

DK30A2DH - Dual-4K Docking Station with 6x USB3.0 Ports

This USB-A or USB-C docking station maximises the capability and flexibility of your Mac or Windows laptop, with multiple combinations of Ultra HD 4K DisplayPort™ and HDMI monitors.

DKT30CSDHPD - USB-C Multiport Adapter, SD Card Reader, Power Delivery, 4K HDMI, GbE, 2x USB3.0

Add more connectivity to your MacBook or other USB-C laptop, with 4K video, Gigabit Ethernet, two USB3.0 ports and an SD card reader.

DKT30CHV - USB-C Multiport Adapter for Laptops - 4K HDMI or VGA - GbE - USB 3.0

Turn your laptop into a compact workstation wherever you work or go adding video Gigabit Ethernet and a USB 3.0 port through USB Type-C.

DKT30CHPD - USB-C Multiport Adapter with 4K HDMI, 2x USB-A Ports, 60W PD, black

Add multiple connections to your laptop through its USB-C port, including 4K HDMI, two USB3.0 ports and Gigabit Ethernet.