Ingram Micro Technology Recovery Services provides solutions for recycling and management of used electronic equipment. We work with you to achieve the highest possible financial return in an environmentally friendly way. We provide re-use solutions incorporating testing, cleaning, refurbishment, data destruction and end sale of electronic assets.

Technology Recovery Process Diagram


Collection and Removal
Collection and Removal

Ingram Micro will organise collection of assets from any customer nominated location and securely transport them back to our nominated IT Asset Disposition depot.

Upon receipt of equipment into our depot, all assets will be assigned a unique identifying barcode registering the asset as being received pending inspection, testing and reporting.

Assets will then be checked for physical condition and completeness and entered into Ingram Micro’s specialised inventory management system.

Asset Processing
Asset Processing

We will provide the following asset processing services:

  • Physically check assets for appearance, operability and completeness
  • Capture asset details including but not limited to:
    • Serial Number
    • Customer Asset Tag Number
    • Asset Type
    • Make
    • Model
    • Processor (CPU)
    • RAM (Memory)
    • Hard Disk Drive capacity
    • Screen Size
    • Any other relevant equipment details
  • Clean assets and ensure all identifying labels, marks, asset tags and references to customer are removed.
Data Sanitisation
Data Sanitation

Ingram Micro’s Data Cleansing Service has been designed to protect the confidential and sensitive nature of our customer’s data. We ensure information does not become available in the public domain through the retirement of IT equipment at end-of-life.

As a minimum, we will apply the following Data Cleansing Service for requested customer assets: Ingram Micro connects directly to the device hard disk drive (HDD) and executes a Three pass minimum data overwrite process using an enterprise level, industry accredited and government approved program. This process effectively overwrites stored data on the HDD

The data overwrite will be performed to US Department of Defence DoD 5220.22-M standard Proof of successful data erasure can be provided through a certificate of data destruction.

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)
IT Asset Disposition

Based on pre-specified criteria Ingram Micro Technology Recovery Services will provide the customer with the most appropriate asset disposition outcome for each specific device including:

Equipment Remarketing

We will remarket used IT equipment purchased from the customer, through channels such as resellers, retailers, brokers and overseas dealers. Our extensive knowledge in remarketing extends to PC equipment, enterprise servers, storage systems, photocopiers, printers and networking products.

Most importantly, Ingram Micro’s remarketing is performed ethically. Many second hand dealers have been found to export ‘e-waste’ into developing nations. We are committed to export quality working equipment and are selective with our remarketing channels. We only use reputable long term buyers who share our values with regards to the environment.

Environmentally Friendly Recycling

Ingram Micro Technology Recovery Services will provide an environmentally friendly recycling service for any item that has no commercial resale value (due to age or condition). Our program guarantees “minimal landfill” and involves detailed disassembly of each item of equipment. We adhere to national and international e-waste standards.

Various components i.e. circuit boards, batteries, precious metals etc are then sold to specialist recyclers around the world. Due to the labour intensive nature of this solution, disposal normally comes at a “per unit” cost.

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